Welcome, you have stumbled upon the home page of the one and only Aaron Dancygier. I say that with conviction because it’s a pretty rare name. Hopefully you will realize that I am a most awesome web designer … see blink tag above.

On a serious note, I am a software engineer in New York specialized in perl on linux/unix. I’m highly skilled in the unix systems area. Outside of that I’m adept with java, c, python and sql. An example of a few things I recently wrote are my New york City subway route finder and the start of a movie information mashup site. The Subway route finder uses A* to find an optimal path between any two stops in the nyc subway system. Its written in python on the backend, with json rpc. The front end is with the google maps api. nyc subway route finder The movie mashup has an xml rpc web service layer that wraps around the IMDB modules on cpan. The site itself is java on tomcat using xstream to generate the client api. Movmashup

When I am not programming I can be found traveling, cycling, and playing my guitar. Feel free to leave me a note aaron@dancygier.com