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MarkIt, an app to mark where you parked your car or to remember a special place.

January 22nd, 2015 aaron Comments off

MarkIt is a tool to help you track where you parked your car or a great way to remember special places you’ve seen while traveling or just exploring neighborhoods in everyday life.   Use it to remember a bar, restaurant, museum, theater, park or whatever else you can think of.

Setting a marker is incredibly simple. Once you get your current location, just set your marker over the point on the map you want to mark and press the “Tap to Markit!” button.

In addition to simply saving an address we let you take up to 3 photos to store with your marker and we let you record notes about your marker. Sharing is easy. To share your marker along with images and notes just click the share icon in the action bar when viewing your marker. It will present you with a list of applications which will allow you to share your photos. A slide up panel with all your markers is available in the lower portion of the initial screen.

Finally navigation to your marker is available by clicking on the address when viewing your marker.

You can download it here MarkIt