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Cyanogen Mod 6 and mytouch 3g speed problems solved

July 30th, 2011 aaron Comments off

So I have my old mytouch 3g with cyanogenmod 6 as my gsm phone when I’m on vacation. The slowness is unbearable. It turns out the key to getting excellent performance is the following.

  • Under cyanogenmod settings go to performance settings
    • turn on JIT (Just in time compiler for the Dalvik VM)
    • uncheck enable surface dithering
    • Check Lock home in memory
  • Finally replace the default ADW Launcher with LauncherPro

This last step, replacing the home launcher with Launcher Pro is what really did it for me. Hope someone finds this useful.

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NYC Health Ratings for Android

July 13th, 2011 aaron Comments off
NYC Health Ratings for Android

I just released version 1 of nyc health ratings for android. You can search for restaurants by name and location and get detailed inspection results just as you can on  Having this information available to you on a mobile device is so much more useful isn’t it.  One really nice feature is that searches default to your current network location, which works for the majority of searches.  If you are searching for a restaurant that isn’t in the immediate vicinity just input the zip code, address, or neighborhood name.  In addition to the android market it is also available on amazons market.

Now that I’ve finished version 1 for Android, I’m going to start building an iphone version.