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MarkIt, an app to mark where you parked your car or to remember a special place.

January 22nd, 2015 aaron Comments off

MarkIt is a tool to help you track where you parked your car or a great way to remember special places you’ve seen while traveling or just exploring neighborhoods in everyday life.   Use it to remember a bar, restaurant, museum, theater, park or whatever else you can think of.

Setting a marker is incredibly simple. Once you get your current location, just set your marker over the point on the map you want to mark and press the “Tap to Markit!” button.

In addition to simply saving an address we let you take up to 3 photos to store with your marker and we let you record notes about your marker. Sharing is easy. To share your marker along with images and notes just click the share icon in the action bar when viewing your marker. It will present you with a list of applications which will allow you to share your photos. A slide up panel with all your markers is available in the lower portion of the initial screen.

Finally navigation to your marker is available by clicking on the address when viewing your marker.

You can download it here MarkIt

Cyanogen Mod 6 and mytouch 3g speed problems solved

July 30th, 2011 aaron Comments off

So I have my old mytouch 3g with cyanogenmod 6 as my gsm phone when I’m on vacation. The slowness is unbearable. It turns out the key to getting excellent performance is the following.

  • Under cyanogenmod settings go to performance settings
    • turn on JIT (Just in time compiler for the Dalvik VM)
    • uncheck enable surface dithering
    • Check Lock home in memory
  • Finally replace the default ADW Launcher with LauncherPro

This last step, replacing the home launcher with Launcher Pro is what really did it for me. Hope someone finds this useful.

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NYC Health Ratings for Android

July 13th, 2011 aaron Comments off
NYC Health Ratings for Android

I just released version 1 of nyc health ratings for android. You can search for restaurants by name and location and get detailed inspection results just as you can on  Having this information available to you on a mobile device is so much more useful isn’t it.  One really nice feature is that searches default to your current network location, which works for the majority of searches.  If you are searching for a restaurant that isn’t in the immediate vicinity just input the zip code, address, or neighborhood name.  In addition to the android market it is also available on amazons market.

Now that I’ve finished version 1 for Android, I’m going to start building an iphone version.

Android wish list

September 21st, 2009 aaron Comments off

After one month with the MyTouch and Android there are a few things I see as road blocks to being a real competitor to the iphone.  Some of these things are definitely being addressed in the upcoming 1.6 and 2.0 os updates.

First off is the market store.  It’s strictly bare bones.  The search and category breakdown is not developed enough.  For instance when you search, you can’t search subcategories.  Your search is run across all applications,  leading to many  false positives.  Product pages for apps don’t have screen shots etc.  This will change shortly with the 1.6 donut release.

Next on my list is multi-touch.  It’s scheduled to be part of the 2.0 release which may or may not be here before Christmas.  To really be a worthy competitor to the iphone this is a must have.  It’s overdue.

On to a few not so obvious or talked about gripes.  There’s no desktop equivalent to itunes.  I think an itunes equivalent was a major oversite on behalf of google.  Itunes makes managing your media on your phone and desktop simple.  This would be even more evident if you purchase music on your device through itunes.  After purchasing  music there is no automatic synch up from your amazon purchases to an itunes equivalent, becaue it doesnt exist.  When I used itunes I tended to purchase through itunes on my desktop and synch to my ipod.I think others largely do the same.  Lets say to be fair that 50% of people would be more inclined to purchase through their desktop app.  Google could potentially open up sales of mp3′s and apps by 50 %.  Ok maybe I’m off and its 25%.  Thats still 25% of a growing market.

Ah yes theres more.  The performance is sluggish at times.  This could be related to a host of issues.  Most likely some kernel tuning will be done in future android releases.  How about google set up a paid service where they test and certify applications and mark them as google tested and verified.  It would add a level of quality control  that users would be able to discern.

A real media player.  The media player kind of stinks.  It doesn’t pickup album covers 95% of the time, and there is no way to add them after the fact.  How about a genius playlist feature similar to itunes?  Nada.  Its pretty primitive.

Of the things I listed the following are definitely being addressed, multi touch, the app store and performance .  The media features seem to be a bit of an after thought with android.  By focusing on the app store, media features and performance google and partners stand to pick up business from disgruntled iphone users.

MyTouch 3G Android Phone Review

August 28th, 2009 aaron Comments off
MyTouch 3G

MyTouch 3G

I’ve been resisting and resisting getting an iphone for two years.  Mainly because while I know its a fine product, I see Apple as a controlling company.  I liked the open nature of android but passed on the G1 because the hardware was pretty uninspiring.  I finally gave in as soon as tmobile released it in July.  So far so good. The android market is chock full of applications. Some great and some not so great. Pluses of the phone are the integration with all things google, including their awesome calendar. The web browser is very usable. However it would be nice to have multitouch.   Supposedly there is multitouch support already built in to the kernel.  The omission was due to google not wanting to upset apple.  They do have a symbiotic relationship so it makes sense.  However, with Apple pulling Google Voice from the apple store, I wouldn’t be surprised to see multitouch sooner than later. Other things of note are the decent battery life and excellent reception.

Many of the apps could use more work, the facebook application doesn’t provide the ability to upload images. The trend is upwards though. There are many many android phones being released in the next 6 months. Along with that will be more developers developing applications. I’m going to explore the SDK and post about it.