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SOAP hell

October 11th, 2008 aaron Comments off

When did soap and perl become so difficult.  Using it as a server is a complete pain.  SOAP::Lite was cutting edge 5 years ago.  Its just a bit behind with the evolving wsdl standards.  So I decided to use XML-RPC, its all I really need and interopability with other languages should be simpler.  This is the main reason why I’m using web services to begin with.

Speaking of the XML RPC cpan modules.  RPC::XML works well but the documentation is lacking.  You have to putz around to get anything to work.  add_method() is especially poorly documented.  Much guessing and the perl debugger helped me get the syntax correct:)  It would be great if there was Apache2 integration …  But I shouldn’t complain it actually works and works well.